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Stuff I don't vibe with:

  • Slurs, with the exception of not really minding the f-slur if used in the context of reclamation.
  • Porn, please dnc if you're just there to post porn. Same applies with interacting on fedi. I am a minor, please go away.
  • Crypto. Yes, I know about the address on the footer. Yes, it's mine. No, you're not the first person to point out the irony.
  • PDA/Flirting. I'm a minor. please don't.
  • Kink. I had presumed this was covered under NSFW but apparently not since I see a lot of people who interact with me regularly post about it. The main triggers for me are doll and humanpup but just generally like, don't post about that shit around me please.

People I don't vibe with:

  • mdni, if you're adhering to mdni you're either A: a porn account (in which case see above) or B: a dickhead, either way I don't want to interact with you. Go away.
  • zoos, fuck off. seek therapy.
  • MAPs, you too, fuck off. seek therapy. Yes, this includes people who draw loli stuff. I don't want it anywhere near me.
  • Rightoids in general. Granted, if you're that type of insufferable twat, you're probably not gonna bother with reading this anyways, but may as well cover all my bases.
  • Fossoids. I pretty much consider anyone who actively gives others shit about using nonfree software a fossoid, so if you've done that you're not gonna like it here.
  • Pretty much just anyone who's insufferable about their opinions. If you're unsure, think to yourself if you've ever made a snobbish comment about how unpopular your opinions are. If you have, we're probably not gonna click, sorry.


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