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My name is Slips. this is one of my many sites.

Chances are, you've probably found this from one of my many online social media profiles. If so, welcome!

This is where I might host some of my thoughts, perhaps, and also some links to where you can find me.

Things I Am:

  • 16
  • Massive nerd

Things I Do:

  • Enjoy really bad music
  • Write a bit of code on occasion
  • Host this site, and many others under this domain.
  • Play video games

Places to talk to me:

  • Pleroma:
  • Matrix:
  • XMPP:
  • E-Mail:

    GPG Suggested, Download pubkey here, fingerprint is:

    pub   rsa3072 2021-09-10 [SC]
    EA7A 96B5 F714 8B46 FE67  AF62 3726 21B2 75DA 3D5B
    uid           [ultimate] Slips (A.K.A Slipfox) 
    sub   rsa3072 2021-09-10 [E]
  • Alternative E-Mail: (only used in reply when your email provider blocks mine)

People I Know:



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